MJ Flair (Taipei Boozehunting)

December 29, 2012

DSC_1071Well, not booze – cocktail and bartending supplies.

I took advantage of a rare break in my weekday schedule to finally visit this place, MJFlairshop, which is only open during office hours. (Not that a visit’s really necessary, you can buy their products online here).

MJ Flair are probably the only place in Taiwan dedicated to selling bartending and cocktail-making equipment and supplies. You can get mixing glasses, jiggers, cocktail picks, strainers and much more besides. As far as consumables go, they have a fair selection of bitters unavailable elsewhere in Taiwan. Some of it is rather expensive, but your only other option is to get it from overseas yourself.

I’ve already bought my basic mixing equipment, but it was found at a number of places around Taipei (City Super, Hola, Hengjiu, Ikea etc). It’s nice to have some supplies in a single place like this.

The guys running the shop seem pretty laid back and friendly. You can pop in and take a look, but it’s really more of an office for their online sales business.

If you’re starting a home bar in Taiwan, their starter’s kit might be a good buy, with a Boston shaker, jigger, barspoon, hawthorne strainer and a few other bits and pieces.



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