Jason’s (Taipei Boozehunting)

October 12, 2012

There are three small chains of import/ boutique supermarkets in Taipei. Breeze Center (the original location on Fuxing), is by far the best, and the only one with quite a few products you are unlikely to find elsewhere. I have also blogged about the City Super in Megacity Mall (Banqiao).

The third is Jason’s, with locations in Taipei 101, Tianmu, Taipei Main Station and Banqiao (as well as Gaoxiong and Xinzhu).

Generally Jason’s doesn’t have anything you couldn’t find elsewhere. They have the range of a good Taipei bottle store (a very good one even), but at higher prices, with nothing unique. One thing they used to have going for them was ginger beer (which I now can’t find anywhere – I’d love a tip there), but now that’s gone too.

A couple of weeks ago though, I saw two new products there, which I hadn’t seen elsewhere.

First is this aged Mistral Pisco (1039 NT). Interesting. My one Pisco – Control – is delicious, and I’d love to try an aged version. It would be great to hear from anyone who has tried this stuff. I saw this at the Banqiao branch (FE City Mall), but they don’t have it at the Taipei 101 branch.

The second thing was two spiced rums from Redrum (750NT). Their standard Redrum and their Voodoo Spiced Rum. Reviews I’ve seen haven’t been particularly positive, saying that if you want spiced rums there are better options around. Well, not in Taipei there aren’t. This has got to be better than the only other spiced rum – Captain Morgan’s. Again, I’d like to hear any opinions on this rum. I saw this at both the Banqiao and 101 branches. I also saw it at Breeze the next week, but at about 100NT more.


4 Responses to “Jason’s (Taipei Boozehunting)”

  1. Seamus Says:

    I’ve never heard of Redrum.

    Mistral is a decent pisco, though I think I prefer the unaged to the aged. The aged is nice, but if anything kind of too smooth.

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