Taipei’s Bourbon Mecca (Taipei Boozehunting)

August 3, 2012

What 9City is for gin in Taipei, 八條酒庫 is to Bourbon.

If that name came out gibberish on your browser, that’s because it’s in Chinese and this place doesn’t seem to have an English name. They don’t have a website either. Or a shop really.

They’re a supplier (right in the middle of the hostess bar district of Taipei) and they have a small store front allowing single-bottle purchasers from the public.

The name transliterates to ‘Batiao Jiuku’ and translates loosely to ‘Number Eight Liquor Warehouse’ or perhaps ‘Eight Street Liquor Supplies.

Their range for most booze is uninteresting, but for Bourbon, they’re far and away the best in Taipei on range and usually price too. I’m going to call them the Number 8 Bourbon Shop.

So what do they have? Their range of Bourbon includes (but might not be limited to):

Maker’s Mark (800NT)

Knob Creek Special Batch (750NT)

Woodford Reserve (1100NT)

Four Roses

Four Roses Single Barrel (1400NT)


Booker’s (2400NT)

Buffalo Trace

That makes for a lot of nice Bourbon, some that I haven’t seen anywhere else in Taipei and some that is a hell of a lot cheaper. (That Knob Creek, for example, almost looks like a pricing error – The couple of other places I’ve seen it sell it for about 1200).

So what to buy? I’ve tried the Maker’s Mark, and though I see a place for it (and it IS very good), it’s not my favourite – if you like your Bourbon very smooth, though, try it, for sure. I like the Knob Creek much better, and it’s a steal at the price. I also tried the Woodford Reserve (they have limited taster bottles), and it was even better. I’m going to buy it very soon. I’m also interested in the Four Roses Single Barrel as I hear it has a high rye count, and I’m very fond of the ever-elusive (in Taipei) Rye Whiskey.

If you visit, remember that they’re wholesaler’s so you can’t really browse. Just tell them what you’re interested in, and they’ll show it to you.

Here’s a follow up post: Woodford Reserve and a Mini Bourbon Tasting.

Here’s the address:

Taipei City

Zhongshan District

Linsen North Rd.

L. 133, No. 41




7 Responses to “Taipei’s Bourbon Mecca (Taipei Boozehunting)”

  1. Bunnyhugs Says:

    Give the Woodford Reserve a try. It’s one of my favorites, and that price is good. It’s just over NZ$60 in duty free at Auckland airport – though in duty free you get a litre.

    It’s a nice bourbon. Good to drink straight. Good for mixing. When I visited the U.S. I noticed it was a popular well bourbon in the better cocktail bars. I guess that indicates a good ‘taste to value’ ratio.

    Some people say it has a higher rye content than most. I’m not 100% sure if that’s true, but it clearly has some spice to it.

    Buffalo Trace is another good one if you ever happen to come across it.

    Strangely enough, I’m drinking a Woodford Reserve cocktail as I type.

  2. […] This is a follow-up to my last post, about the Number 8 Bourbon Shop in Taipei. […]

  3. […] used Woodford Reserve, and as I adore that Bourbon (available cheaply in Taipei, here), I tried that […]

  4. […] to browse. Note for newcomers, this place has good stuff for odds and ends, but for Bourbon, go to ‘Number 8 Bourbon Shop’ and for gin go to ’9 […]

  5. geoff Says:

    Great website. Just grabbed myself a cheap bottle of Knob Creek thanks to you guys. Keep up the good work!

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