Bartending Night: Short Report

July 21, 2012

Guest Bartender Night at the Green Hornet was a great success!

The crowd was fairly small – friends and locals – but we drank and had a good time. I also learnt a fair bit about my taste in cocktails when compared to others (sour, boozy) and about bar-tending (more fun than I expected).

Favourite drinks were the rehabilitated Tequila Sunrise, the Cuba Libre, the Wisconsin Brandy Old-Fashioned, Whiskey-Barrel Manhattan, (Return of) the Green Hornet and the Monkey Gland. Also appreciated were a few classic martinis I mixed (Tanqueray 47% 4:1 with orange bitters, STIRRED). The only one that didn’t go down well was the Papa Doble. Too sour, I think, and maybe too much Maraschino bite. (I liked it.)

Here’s a few pics, courtesy of guests Anthony and Walter.

Thanks to all who came!


2 Responses to “Bartending Night: Short Report”

  1. Bunnyhugs Says:

    Any plans to make this a regular thing? Maybe a night a month or something?

    I haven’t done much bartending. The busiest stint I’d have done was probably when I mixed drinks for a tiki party at a Shanghai bar that I ‘invested’ in – long story. . .

    That day was full on but quite enjoyable. Several bars set around a courtyard got together to organize a big summer party. The theme was tiki, and there were rum cocktails, roast pig, and errr. . . Belgian beer and Australian wine. I was doing Goslings rum drinks, and opposite me another bar was doing Damoiseau (an agricole rum from Guadeloupe). It ended up becoming a competition to see who could sell the most rum cocktails. I’m pretty sure I won, though of course the perfidious French wouldn’t admit defeat.

  2. theboolion Says:

    I don’t really think it’ll be regular. At least not on the same scale. On the other hand, Peter needs staff, even just to help out now and then, so I’m vaguely considering offering my help when he needs it on a Saturday night, and maybe tying that in with some cocktail-of-the-night special dealio or something. Problem is, I’m already working 47 hours a week, and chucking in a Saturday night (which also means half of Sunday, effectively) would really be putting a bit of a strain on things.

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun with your escapades. I remember you telling me how it all ended out with the bar stuff though, so maybe not all fun and games.

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