9City Gin City (Taipei Boozehunting)

July 19, 2012

I thought I knew all the places to buy gin in Taipei and all the brands that were available.

Then I stumbled on this bottle store (with three branches) called 9City.

What an amazing surprise! Seven brands of gin that I haven’t seen anywhere else in Taipei! Seven! (Like all bottle stores in Taiwan they specialize in Scotch, but in comparison with most, this place is a regular gin palace).

Best of all, a gin that is old, unique and specifically called for in certain recipes, at a superb price of 450NT, and hitherto unavailable in Taiwan:

Plymouth Gin!!!

Next a few premium gins that seem like they might well be worth a try:

Gin No. 209

The Botanist Islay Dry Gin

Boudier Saffron Gin

A few that I see fewer glowing reviews of:

Pink 47

Josephine Gin

William Chase

One that is only available one other place:

Martin Miller’s

Two at higher strengths:

Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength (45.2 – very keen to try)

Hendricks 1 litre (which I think is 44% rather than the usual 41.4)

If you’re interested in gin, this is the place to go. Get some Plymouth at the very least.

There are three branches in Taipei. Here are the addresses:

Taipei City, Chang An E Rd Sec 2, No. 197 (3233 9399)

Taipei City, Renai Rd Sec 4, L.112, No. 21 (2778 9338)

Xinbei City, Yonghe, Zhongshan Rd Sec 1, No. 322 (2709 5168)


10 Responses to “9City Gin City (Taipei Boozehunting)”

  1. putneyfarm Says:

    Cool! Curious what you think of the 209 and the botantist. 209 is made close to us (good stuff) and the botanist is all the rage at the moment…

    • theboolion Says:

      What do you think of them ? πŸ™‚

      I’d love to know. I’m a little conflicted. I have eight different gins at home at the moment already, and on the one hand I’m dying to try more, but on the other hand I think I should branch out into different spirits a bit more, or finally buy some much neglected things I’ve been meaning to get around to forever (must get some Campari).

      Maybe I can allow myself one new gin a month πŸ˜‰

      • putneyfarm Says:

        Funny, my wife keeps asking “do we really need more gin?”- but they are different… πŸ˜‰

        The 209 is just a good dry gin, juniper-forward but some extra citrus notes. We usually have it on hand- worth it if not too expensive in Taiwan.

        Don’t own the botanist, but had it in a few cocktails at local places- the bartenders all like it. I thought it was more floral but otherwise need to buy some to know more…

  2. theboolion Says:

    Thanks. That’s nice to know.

  3. […] Old Tom and the Plymouth were quite similar (you can buy Plymouth Gin at 9City), and much better than the Tanqueray in this drink (although I think the latter would taste much […]

  4. […] You can browse from their website, but the last link on the left, this one, will take you straight to a spreadsheet which is much easier to browse. Note for newcomers, this place has good stuff for odds and ends, but for Bourbon, go to ‘Number 8 Bourbon Shop’ and for gin go to ’9 City’. […]

  5. […] Availability in Taiwan: 9 City […]

  6. Jeffrey Says:

    Which store has the best selection? I went to the one in Xinbei City today and it was disappointing compared to the wide selection offered on the website.

  7. theboolion Says:

    Really? Maybe the one off Renai Rd. When I go there (last time about a month ago) I’m just looking at their gins. I want to try the Sipsmith, No. 3, Chase, and 209 for starters, as well as the higher strengths of the Martin Miller and Hendricks. Those are all still available. What IS missing (and they say is unlikely to return) is the Plymouth, more’s the pity, as I’d gone through two bottles at a ridiculously cheap price. If I’d known, I would have bought ten in advance.

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