(The Return of) The Green Hornet

July 8, 2012

So on Saturday night I’m going to be guest bar-tender, at my local bar The Green Hornet.

I wanted to make a new signature drink for Peter, the proprietor. He already has a drink called the ‘Green Hornet’, but it is something to do with Midori and he admits he is not happy with it.

I decided to adapt a drink called the Rumford Punch, from blogger Chaim Dauermann at Spill Check.

The result is something that is green (well a light, lime-green at any rate), has some reflection of local Taiwanese flavour, and has a little sting in the tail.

The (Return of the) Green Hornet

2 oz reposado (aged) tequila

1/2 oz freshly-squeezed lime juice

1/2  oz oolong tea

1 oz ginger syrup

10 coriander leaves

Shake all the ingredients, with ice, thoroughly enough to smash up the coriander. Loosely strain into a rocks glass with ice. Garnish with a coriander sprig and a lime wheel or wedge.

I like the taste of reposado aged tequila, and if you’re in Taipei, I think the Lunazel brand, available from Drinks, is great value.

Brew up the oolong tea in advance, and cool it or you’ll melt your ice and dilute the drink. You need a very strong brew. It’s a good idea to cover the leaves with boiling water, then strain this out immediately to ‘wash’ them, then add water again and brew about 2 minutes. Brew too long and it gets bitter, so make it strong by using a lot of leaves, rather than leaving it too long.

Here’s the recipe I used for ginger syrup (thanks Ben), but I still find it barely strong enough. Not sure how to make it stronger.

Use a good amount of coriander leaves – maybe a heaped tablespoon or so. Tear them a little and add them to the drink with the ice. Shake it very well to pulverise them, and when straining, don’t use a tea strainer and let little bits get through.

This drink seems fairly adaptable, and you could easily switch the proportions of tea and syrup for a little different flavour. You could also muddle the leaves mojito-style and make it a tall drink. My friend John likes it this way, but I prefer the first method.

Thanks to the ginger syrup, it’s not as green as I would have liked, but I think it’s a very nice drink, and I’m very happy with it. Try one and let me know what you think.


13 Responses to “(The Return of) The Green Hornet”

  1. Ben Says:

    Good luck on Saturday Brian. I’m sure this signature drink will go down a treat.

    I gotta say though, I’m not sure you could say it is an adapted Rumford punch if it doesn’t include the Rumford’s necessary ingredient of Frangelico. ‘Inspired by’ maybe.

    By the way, I made some ginger syrup and it came out too strong. I forgot about it and it boiled down too much.

    • theboolion Says:

      Thanks, Ben. Yes, ‘inspired by’, I guess. I loved the way the tequila and coriander worked in Chaim’s drink and I liked the natural green. Your ginger syrup was too strong? I boiled mine an hour and it is still weak (although better once I remember to shake the bottle).

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  3. missgrill Says:

    i need to make this! looks amazing

  4. missgrill Says:

    Thanks! i happen to have a bunch of cilantro and i think these could be the cocktail of the day today 🙂

  5. missgrill Says:

    i am officially enjoying! thanks

  6. This looks great, and thanks for the mention. I look forward to trying this drink. One question, though: Are you able to taste the tea at all at these proportions?

    • theboolion Says:

      Thanks. Yes, the tea! You can taste it, but it’s definitely background, and I did make an extra strong brew. Definitely there though. I also tried it with 1oz tea and it’s clearly more tea-like, but for me, at that stage, the drink is getting quite watered down. It’s a very forgiving drink as far as proportions go though, and we tried it with more and less tea, ginger, tequila and lime, and basically all variations worked.

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