Got Bitters!

March 10, 2012

Just a quick news post for people in Taipei. Bitters have arrived!

Early last year, I was having trouble finding even Angostura Bitters. I eventually found some in a DIY baking store. Not long after I found two places that sell both Angostura’s Aromatic Bitters (their normal kind) and Orange Bitters. It was only in New Zealand that I got Peychaud’s Bitters – essential for the Sazeracs that I have yet to make. I also got a nice ‘travel pack’ of bitters from The Bitter Truth.

And then I was in the Breeze Supermarket today and saw that they have the whole range of Fees Brothers Bitters! At least it seemed to be the whole range. There were eleven kinds. From memory: Old Fashioned Bitters, Orange Bitters, Lemon Bitters, Celery Bitters, Whisky Barrel Aged Bitters, Rhubarb Butters, Peach Bitters, Mint Bitters, and, and that’s all I remember. The Fees Brothers website also lists Cherry Bitters and Grapefruit Bitters so it might have been those. There should be one more though. Possibly Coffee Bitters.

Also, on a tip from a fellow drinker at my local, The Green Hornet, I found a source much closer to home for the Angostura (normal and orange) Bitters. It also happens to be one of the very best liquor stores I’ve seen in Taiwan. They’re at 204 Jinfu Rd in Jingmei.


4 Responses to “Got Bitters!”

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  2. […] When in New Zealand recently, I had a great drink, called the Navy Highball, at an excellent little Wellington bar called Monterey. They do only a few cocktails, but do them well. The ones I tried were great, but it was this one that I scribbled down the ingredients for. I remember my mate Ben saying “Rhubarb Bitters – you’ll never find those in Taiwan”. I could only agree, until suddenly, a couple of months ago, I discovered that the Breeze Supermarket had imported the whole range of Fees Brothers Bitters. […]

  3. […] entire range of Fees Brothers Bitters – I’ve blogged about how these great bitters are available at Breeze, but Breeze gets them from Sundy and they have been very short on stock recently. In fact there are […]

  4. […] try and add this without sweetness, I turned to my favourite artichoke liqueur, Cynar, and a bit of Fees Brothers Rhubarb Bitters, a flavour that I am very fond of. The resulting cocktail was good, but then I remembered thinking […]

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